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The Return on Disabilityg Report

With The Return on Disabilityg Report, the public sector can access the same proven approach that private sector firms use. Focused on PWD as clients and talent, while delivering value for taxpayers.

Simplicity in service delivery. Innovative interfaces to the client. Finding great talent. Streamlined business processes. Focus on the taxpayer. These are just a few of the metrics that are addressed in the Return on Disability (Government) Reports.

The Return on Disability Government Report helps managers of Public Sector Business Units understand their performance across disability factors that are linked directly to value creation. These reports — combined with ongoing advisory time with subject matter experts — provides a framework and  rigorous  data to governments to transform intent into an opportunity to hire great people, serve constituents better and drive efficiency for taypayers.

Our Methodology

The methodology underpinning these research products is based exclusively on economic business drivers. The Return on Disability Group independently analyzes a given business unit’s performance across 19 observable disability value drivers. It then applies a relative comparison approach to the top performers in its research universe of over 1100 public companies in North America — a market never before measured by economic criteria.

Talent recruitment messaging. Accessibility for employees and clients. Product simplicity. Innovative service delivery. Streamlined business processes.  These are just a few of the opportunities that are addressed in the RoDg Report.

These reports helps Public Sector Business Units understand their organization’s performance across disability factors that link directly to talent, service delivery and efficiency. Available as an annual subscription, the RoDg Report includes a customized assessment of a Pubic Sector Business Unit’s performance benchmarked against their peers in the Public Sector and in some cases, private sector firms.  This data is supplemented with access to disability subject matter experts throughout the year.

The intent of the RoDg Report is to provide common strategy, metrics and objectives across an entire government organization while being responsive to the individual needs of Business Units. RoDg accomplishes this via independent analysis through a common model customized for public sector realities, but informed by 100,000+ data points from the private sector. Over time, the datasets from global public sector research allows The Return on Disability Group to benchmark practise specifiic to the public sector.