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For Companies

The Return on Disability Report

With The Return on Disability Report, companies gain access to a roadmap that transforms the uncertainty surrounding disability into an opportunity to attract customers and talent while focusing on value creation for shareholders.

Experiences that bond customers to brands. Talent recruitment messaging. Ease of use for all customers. Innovative packaging informed by extreme users that benefit everyone . Efficient processes the remove complexity and cost. These are  opportunities that comparies access via the Return on Disability Report.

Tailored  to a specific company, these 40-page reports assists management in charting actions in disability that link directly to profitability. Available globally, The Return on Disability Report includes our independent analysis of a company’s observed performance—and the Report is bundled with year-long access to subject matter experts.

Our Methodology

Using our proprietary model, these customized reports distill over 300 business drivers that analyze customer, employee and productivity categories into 30 publicly observable data points. These independent observations are weighted to capture unique value drivers - directly linked to profitability - for a specific sector or company. The output includes the company’s Return on Disability Result along with an overview of the firm's competition and our recommendations on how to grow its Return on Disability. The goal is to provide our clients with a  turn-key strategy that focuses on building common platforms across the entire enterprise that best serve customers, unleash talented people and grow profits for shareholders. 

For C-suite Leaders

The Return on Disability Report provides a direct link between action in the PWD market and the profitability of a firm. For the first time, core company action in a 'diverse' market  is linked to increasing shareholder value. Representing 53% of all consumers - including Friends and Family - disability is a powerful new way to differentiate in mature markets. The Return on Disability Report demonstrates growth strategies to innovate faster, ignite lean process and delight customers by improving experience, messaging and connecting with the core of their identity.  As the first to directly link diversity to stock price, leaders leverage Return on Disability to attract investor seeking returns that are also demanding a metrics-based approach to Corporate Social Responsibility.

For Brand and Product Developers

The Return on Disability Report provide flexible paths to attract consumers connected to disability. The key is to act within the context of your brand while developing experiences and messages that not only attract those emotionally attached to disability, but perhaps more importantly, increase the lifetime value of your core customer. Disability is misunderstood as a niche and separate market. The reality is, PWD are part of a complex conversation with your core customer that has materially enhanced brand value for those firms that 'do disability well'.  Strategy borne from Return on Disability informs firms on how to take action to delight all customers.

For Talent and Diversity Professionals

Conversations tell us that the best leaders in Talent and Diversity are hungry for concrete ways to link their actions directly to business growth. The Return on Disability Report delivers exactly that, and provides a path to acheive said growth over time. Rather than merely complying with the law - which can actually repell top talent - Diversity professionals appreciate the opportunity to take third-party metrics to senior leadership to act on strategies that add to shareholder value. They tell us that compliance efforts may be a start, but they need a plan that charts specifics on how to achieve revenue growth and cost reduction. Diversity is moving out of the General Counsel's office, and Talent professionals are leveraging Return on Disability to guide their next steps.