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The disability market is about the size of China and is emerging as other markets have in the past—1.3 billion people and $1.2 trillion in annual disposable income.

The Return on Disability Group levers its content to foster new portrayals of the PWD market in the public eye.  Part of our role is to provoke new conversations, attract new players that bring actionable models to the table and reshape mainstream thinking around disability. Working with world-class media to tell great stories grounded in facts is one way to do this.

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The Globe and Mail: Exploring a $55-billion untapped market - 9/29/17


CBC TV's The National: September 2017
Note: Rich appears 4:58- 6:24, 8:40- 9:56

BBC Radio:  “The Future of Wealth” series 5/24/17
Note: Rich’s interview is from 6:00-9:50.

BBC News:  “The Ex-Trader Turning Disabilities Into Profits” - 2/23/17

CBC news special June 15, 2016 - Return on Disability  July 30, 2015-  Business’s Next Frontier:  People With Disabilities

The Globe and Mail - Working wisdom: How workers with disabilities give companies an edge - February 28, 2015

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CBC interview from 'The National' - September 17, 2014

Rich Donovan on CBC's The National

Return on Disability at the NY Stock Exchange - September 12, 2014

Return on Disability at the NY Stock Exchange

CBC's The National - February 26, 2014 - Winner of The 2015 RTDNA Adrienne Clarkson Award                                                        

Screen-shot of Return on Disability on CBC with Peter Mansbridge

The Economist -September 8,  2012 - The New Green 

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