Design Delight from Disability - 2020 Annual Report: The Global Economics of Disability

Woman expressing delight

In our flagship public research report, we explore the size and scope of the Disability Market and how disability impacts the experiences of customers and employees around the globe.

A market bigger than China, the Disability Market influences over $13 trillion in annual disposable income. As this giant market emerges, our team explores opportunities for public companies and governments to add economic value by delighting customers and attracting the best talent.

How people experience products and services is materially affected by the way they interact with people and objects. These functional realities and interactions change with situation, age, technology and macro trends. The experiences of people with disabilities inform core design and process for outsized returns.

Summary Report - The Global Economics of Disability 2020.pdf (15 page Summary)

2020 Annual Report - The Global Economics of Disability.pdf